Have you thought about it?

A funeral is an essential expenditure, and a little planning will eliminate the uncertainty of costs and payment. If you don't plan for funeral expenses, you run the risk of your family having to ask friends and relatives to share an unexpected financial burden, which can put everyone in an embarrassing and uncomfortable position. And if you borrow money, it has to be repaid.

Prearrangement is very easy. It is a common-sense approach to making choices and recording your wishes at a time when thinking is clear and emotions aren't unusually high.

You can pre-arrange any type of service you desire.

Your plans may be as detailed or as general as you wish. Having the luxury of time, you can consider your desires as well as others', then we can help you create a service that will be uniquely your own.

All financial prearrangements are written with appropriate contracts. All contracts qualify for eligibility for state or federal assistance. With the wide range of funeral funding plans available at Carter- Ricks Funeral Home, there's one that's right for everyone.

It is very simple to pre-plan your funeral wishes. Through the years we have seen how important it is for families to be prepared. Planning funeral arrangements in advance is easier for everyone involved and can be done in a series of steps. Depending what you are comfortable with, you may select any one step or combination of steps as we customize your wishes the way you want it. An hour of your time is all it takes.

Step 1:
Simply contact one of our staff in person or by phone and receive answers to any questions you have or to request one of our free Pre-planning Guide Booklets.

Step 2:
In our office or your home we will ask you general questions about yourself such as: vital statistics, family and work history, church and social affiliations, and obtain any other specific requests you might have. This information is then made into a permanent and confidential personal file which is kept at the funeral home until it is needed.

Step 3:
If you so choose, you will have the opportunity to select the service package appropriate for you along with any merchandise such as casket, burial vault, urn or clothing.

Step 4:
The final aspect of pre-planning is pre-funding. It is possible for you to prepay for the services and merchandise you have selected using the options listed below.

Options for Advanced Financing of Funerals

Pre-Need Insurance

Preneed plans are designed to cover the expenses associated with your death and funeral. Preneed insurance companies offer several payment options to give you flexibility. We at Carter-Ricks Funeral Home use Homesteaders Life Insurance Co.

Funeral Trust

A funeral trust is similar to a savings plan. We use the Missouri Funeral Trust (MFT). MFT was established in 1984 and is a subsidiary of the Missouri Funeral Directors and Embalmers Association with headquarters in Jefferson City, MO. At Carter-Ricks Funeral Home, 100% of the pre-arrangement funds are placed in the trust and earnings remain with the trust.

Life Insurance

A traditional life insurance policy can meet several needs--pay off loans, fund education costs, and provide for living expenses, as well as funeral expenses.

Savings Account / Certificate of Deposit

Some feel like leaving their funds in their local bank. This can be accomplished with Savings Accounts or Certificates of Deposit.


Generally, annuities allow for the money you pay to be invested. Interest is earned which will, over time, increase the amount of money available to pay for your funeral.

But you're not required to have a funding plan or even spend a penny to pre-arrange.

A non-funded pre-arrangement is the selection, recording, and filing of your service details. No payment is made. Charges are shown at current prices, but the actual cost of the funeral will be based on prices in effect at the time the services are provided.

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Simply by spending a few minutes thinking about these issues now, you can relieve your relatives of many difficult decisions later. If this option appeals to you, please contact us to obtain more information. Larry and Kayla would be happy to discuss the range of options available to you at your convenience. You may talk to us directly at 573-898-2181. You can also email us at